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I care more about job matching than job placement.

I want you to have a career not just employment.

-Donavan S.West


The people of Philadelphia deserves a Leader who is ready to listen, serve, and execute for our city. 

DONAVAN S. WEST is a thought leader who has served organizations like Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Temple University, and NJ Redevelopment Authority in various capacities related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Leadership and Community Development and Communications. He is a forward thinking executive that leverages collaborative strategies to improve community, economic, and workforce development.



-Donavan S.West


Former President CEO of African American Chamber of Commerce PA/NJ/DE

Former COO of People for People INC

President of CCS & Founder of Black Business Accelerator

Mayor's Commission on African American Males


Jamaica Trade Council

Mayor's Pathways to Reform, Transformation and Reconciliation Steering Committee

"For we should never assume that the political man is always suitably equipped to articulate a commanding vision of a new society. The politician is overwhelmed by concrete tasks to be performed, decisions to be taken urgently, often without any pause for long reflection. He or she is haunted by the failure to deliver. Their working hours are spent in a permanent state of emergency. The shadow of parliamentary opposition, where it exists, blurs their sense of priorities. They live with intrigue and the constant threat of betrayal within their own ranks. It is, I suspect, a feverish atmosphere and hardly conducive to the state of reflective self-consciousness from which a vision of a new society is born."

 - George Lamming



Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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