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With a BA in Administration of Justice and Minority Studies from Penn State University and an MA in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University, Donavan S. West has developed, created, and envisioned systematic blueprints to manage community partnerships and workforce development initiatives. He has held various leadership positions, including COO of PFP, Inc,  President and CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey, and has been recognized for his expertise and intimate knowledge of the issues faced in these communities. Donavan interned on Capitol Hill for Senator Carol Moseley Braun as a college senior, and he has leveraged his vast network to create opportunities for other community organizers and entrepreneurs to showcase their passions and perspectives.


He is the CEO of Culturally Congruent Solutions, providing workplace solutions to entrepreneurs, executives, and management staff. Donavan is also a media personality and co-hosted a radio show on WURD, a Black-owned radio station before declaring his candidacy. He is a motivational speaker, mentor to Black youth, and provides relationship coaching to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, guiding them through emotional trauma using introspection and reflection, hopefully leading to a healthier, holistic view of themselves and their relationships.


Donavan is a member of the Philadelphia Mayor's Commission on African American Males, most recently participating in the 2nd Annual Black Generational Wealth series and various community listening events. Donavan S West is a highly accomplished, well respected community development catalyst, activist, entrepreneur, critical thinker, and strategic planner. He has built a reputation as a vocal community advocate, unapologetically committed to promoting positive outcomes and driving diversity, belonging, equity, and inclusion in all arenas.

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